Weight Loss Program

Being overweight or obese is associated with almost all chronic diseases that we are aware of. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, high blood pressure….the list is endless.


Research has shown us that certain hormones play a heavy role in maintaining our body weight. Leptin is one such hormone produced by our fat cells. More fat cells means more leptin. Leptin then works on the hypothalamus to release another hormone called MSH.  MSH helps to burn more calories during fasting, speed up our metabolism and suppress hunger. So, when everything works properly, as you get more abdominal fat, leptin increases and helps to reign in the weight gain and bring weight back in line.


Sounds great, right?!!  Unfortunately, in today’s society many of us consume far too many calories. Poor dietary choices, stress, environmental chemicals and lack of exercise begin to upset this delicate balance of hormones in our bodies. Our hypothalamus actually becomes resistant to the action of leptin, blocking our body’s own ability to regulate body weight.


Further compounding the problem is that, even if patients lose weight, many regain the lost weight because they were never taught how to live a healthy lifestyle. Many patients try to lose weight by only cutting back on calories. However, too few calories and our thyroid goes into protection mode, slowing down metabolism and setting the stage for much greater weight regain than was lost. Taking in too little calories will also force the body to preserve fat mass and break down muscle to sustain the body during times of extreme calorie restriction.


Lifecare Chiropractic has an answer!!


At Lifecare Chiropractic, we understand that every person has a different personality and a different lifestyle.

There is no single “best” way to lose weight for everyone.  This is why we offer several different programs that you can choose from to make sure your weight loss goals are successful.  Few things are as frustrating as not reaching the goals you set for your health.

This is why we offer several different programs to help you achieve your weight loss goals:


PaleoCleanse Program

This is probably our easiest program to implement and works well with families who eat dinner together.

The Paleo program is 2 weeks long and involves supplements and drink mixes.  The mixes are done twice per day and the third meal is a Paleo-based meal.  For most patients, using the drinks for breakfast and lunch and having a meal for dinner seems to work the best and is the most convenient.

This is not a calorie-restricted diet and you are able to snack on some approved options like almond butter and apples or just raw almonds.  The meal is Paleo-based, which essentially means that it is made up of unprocessed foods (“Paleo” derives from the Paleolithic age when prehistoric man–the “caveman” –walked the planet).  The caveman, obviously, did not eat Twinkies or French fries.

Most patients find a Paleo diet easy to follow and quite enjoyable.  There are a couple of pleasantries that should be avoided during the program like coffee and alcohol.

The cost of this program is $160.


Ketogenic Diet Program

Once we got over our fascination with grains and society’s fear of fats, it started to become clear that a diet higher in the right type of fats and protein and lower in carbs is most consistent with good health.

Anyone can realistically start his or her own Keto diet.  Considering that this is not a new program (the Ketogenic Diet has been a powerful tool for seizure control for long than drugs for seizures have been available) there are a wide range of videos and books available on the topic.

However, if you’re the type of person who needs more guidance on how to approach the Keto diet, then this 6 week program is for you.  There is a long list of options for meals given and quite a bit of variety for you to pick from.

The food options will require a shift for most families away from carb-heavy meals.  The nice thing about this is that your entire family will benefit from your healthier-eating shift as well.

The kit includes “Diasnacks” an amino acid mixture that helps to curb appetite and keep hormones that control blood sugar working optimally.  These packets are taken 4 times per day.  You’ll also get a small kitchen scale to aid you in getting a better understanding of portion sizes and urine keto dipsticks to make sure you are burning fat for fuel instead of carbs.

This program also includes a before-and-after Wico score (www.Wico.us) that helps monitor the progress of your health as you complete the program.  The evaluation of symptoms and health markers starts to steer you away from using weight as your only guidepost.

This 6-week program costs $350 and includes an initial consultation either in person of via phone or Skype.


Very Low Calorie Diet

This is the most aggressive of our programs and the one that requires the most commitment.

There is one most important thing to consider when it comes to choosing a very low calorie weight loss program.  This is the beginning of the REST OF YOUR LIFE with less calories.  Period.  Anyone who tells you that a very low calorie diet (whether HCG or some similar program) “resets” your hypothalamus and your metabolism is full of fecal matter.  There is no such thing.

If you complete a very low calorie diet and go back to taking in the number of calories that you took in before the diet, you WILL regain all of the weight and more.

The only way our office will offer this program to a patient is if they understand that this is the beginning of the rest of their life with less calories.  Period.

This program uses a supplement designed to support a restricted calorie diet to make sure you lose fat and retain as much muscle as possible; a supplement that will support the interaction between leptin, the hypothalamus and MSH.

Find out more about our Very Low Calorie Diet