Rapid MRI vs Radiographs for Patients With Low Back Pain – (06-17-03)

Rapid MRI vs Radiographs for Patients With Low Back Pain This study found no additional benefit to ordering MRI over standard Xrays. Interestingly, this study found that patients who had MRIs were more likely to undergo surgery. Basically, this supports what I always tell patients–just because something shows up on an MRI (i.e. disc herniation) […]

Knee Osteoarthritis Symptoms: MRI Images of Knee of Little Benefit

Everyone wants an MRI. It’s cool to take a peek inside your body without the downsides of autopsy. But for knee osteoarthritis symptoms does an MRI help anything? Regular readers of the Rantings know how I feel about ordering imaging before it’s necessary. It doesn’t matter what region of the body it’s in; sometimes TOO much […]

MRI for Back Pain: Which Back Pain Doctor Uses the Evidence?

Everyone wants an MRI for back pain. Society teaches us that more information is better, but which type of back pain doctor actually uses MRIs most effectively? In interests of full disclosure…I’m a chiropractor. But, in my defense, what I’m about to say is not hearsay. The evidence of chiropractic care’s effectiveness and “correctness” continues to […]