Traditional herbal medicine enhances bilirubin – (01-14-04)

Traditional herbal medicine enhances bilirubin clearance by activating the nuclear receptor CAR

I don’t follow TCM much, but the authors’ conclusion on this one caught me by surprise. An herb combo used in TCM for neonatal jaundice appears to be effective at helping the liver. So what does the author conclude? That these herbs could be used for developing pharmaceutical drugs for neonatal jaundice. They just don’t get it. There’s a natural compound successfully used for eons and we don’t want to use THAT compound that Mother Nature gave us–we want to concentrate the whatever we THINK the active component is, concentrate it and use it as a drug. Just the thought that we can improve on Mother Nature is arrogance aplenty.

JCI — Abstracts: Huang et al. 113 (1): 137 –

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James Bogash

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