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SLEEP HORMONE GOOD FOR MIGRAINES?  I have to admit, when I first glanced at this article and saw in the conclusion that melatonin did not reduce migraine frequency, I was ready to move on.  After all, we see in pharmaceutical studies that, all too often, what they report in the conclusions are overblown from the actual benefit we actually see in the study–so if the conclusions aren’t good, certainly the rest of the data’s got to be horrendous.  But…actually reading the abstract tells you that 2 mg melatonin before bed (about $10 worth of melatonin) had 1/3 less migraine attacks during the month (almost 1.5 less headaches per month down from 4.2 per month).  Any migraine sufferer will tell you that having one less headache per month for $10 is money very well spent.  Compare this with a study done in 2007 on Topamax for migraines ($600 / month), that resulted in 1.5 less headaches in 3 MONTHS, yet the conclusion was that Topamax is safe (82% of study participants experienced side effects) and efficacious for migraines.  Talk about perspective!  In this recent study, there was little difference between placebo and melatonin (both were effective).  So, same effects, one with massive levels of side effects and costing $600 / month, the other with little side effects at $10 / month.  You choose…

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