Range of Neurologic Disorders in Patients With Celiac Disease – (06-18-04)

Range of Neurologic Disorders in Patients With Celiac Disease

Celiac disease (allergy the the gluten portion of certain grains such as wheat) is one of those conditions that exemplifies the problem with mainstream medicine. While specialties are common, this is not how the body works. Here we have a gastroenterological problem wreaking havoc on the neurological system. I still recall a patient I had several years back. He was diagnosed with dermatatitis herpatiformis 10 yrs prior to coming into my office. This condition is strongly associated with celiac disease.

Did his doctor recommend a gluten free lifestyle? No. Gave him dapsone (used for leprosy) and told my patient that a gluten free diet was too difficult. My patient willingly went on a gluten free program with only the mere mention that this would be best for him. I think he always knew this was best but was never told this. How much damage was done to his neurological system in the 10 years before he went on a gluten free diet? Incidently, ADD/ADHD was one of the conditions noted in this article as being related to CD.

Pediatrics — Abstracts: Zelnik et al. 113 (6): 1672 –

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