Effect of Lipase Inhibition on Gastric Emptying of, and the Glycemic and Incretin Responses to, an Oil/Aqueous Drink in Type 2 Diabetes

I’m not sure why anyone would continue to use orlistat (or Olestra) after reading the list of potential side effects, but hopefully this will convince the diehard users. Basically, using a drug that blocks the digestion of fats such as orlistat (Olestra is a non-absorbable fat used in foods that may result in similar effects) will speed up the time it takes for the stomach to kick out its contents. This leads to a variety of problems including poor digestion. In this study they evaluated and found negative effects on the glycemic response with orlistat use.

JCEM — Abstracts: Pilichiewicz et al. 88 (8): 3829 –

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James Bogash

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