Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

After spending quite a bit of time digging into the research on mild Hyperbaric oxygen treatment (mHBOT), combined with a remarkable study that was able to actually REVERSE aging (telomere length) in 65 year-olds, it was time to pull the trigger.

Our mild hyperbaric chamber will produce 1.3 ATAs. The research at this pressure is still developing, but solid enough for the office to feel comfortable enough to offer it to our patients.

Here is the short list of conditions that can respond to mHBOT (some of this research is in animals, some in humans):

  • Prediabetes / diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Arthritis pain
  • Faster healing of soft tissue injuries
  • Skin pigmentation / sun damaged skin
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Concussion / Post concussive syndrome
  • Fatigue

There is also the chance that mHBO can play a strong role in Covid-19 infection recovery.

The chamber is almost 3′ in diameter (tall enough for most people to sit in) and over 7 1/2′ long. It can be big enough to contain two people with windows. There is a chance that someone who is very claustrophobic wouldn’t be able to tolerate the tube.

Treatment time is an hour total. You can bring in a book, a small electronic device or laptop or just take a much-needed nap.  Our pricing per session is $100 or a package of 10 for $800. These sessions can be used by two people if you’re willing to share the space.

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