Massage Therapist In Mesa, AZ

Massage Therapist Mesa, AZWhen you struggle from neck pain, your best option may be to see a massage therapist that Mesa, Arizona offers. There are a variety of ways a person may struggle from neck pain. Some problems may arise from something more obvious such as an injury. However, what many do not realize is that stress can be another key reason patients struggle with neck pain. A massage therapist Mesa, Arizona trusts from Lifecare Chiropractic may be able to provide pain sufferers with treatment that can help.

The following are tips from a massage therapist in Mesa, Arizona to help reduce neck pain caused by stress:

Reason #1 Neck Stretches

A massage therapist in Mesa, AZ can assist you in your at-home stretches to support someone suffering from pain. We can provide patients with assistance and education in appropriately stretching the neck. With the proper stretches, a person struggling with pain can loosen tightened muscles and help to improve range of motion.

Reason #2 Massages

Receiving a massage from a massage therapist Mesa, AZ residents rely on can not only help a person to relax, it can also assist in helping to loosen muscles and ease tightness to the body.

Reason #3 Practice Self Care

Taking time for yourself can assist in relieving stress and ultimately relieving your neck pain that you may be experiencing. Practicing self care can go a long way when it comes to reducing stress. Self care may look different depending on the person. Some examples of self care may include:

  • Taking a walk
  • Enjoying a bath
  • Spending time with friends
  • Practicing yoga

Reason #4 Reduce Stress

Taking the time to reduce stress can help to alleviate neck pain that a person may be experiencing. Eliminating things that cause stress levels to increase or, taking steps to better cope with stressors may help to provide some relief. Additionally, a Mesa, AZ massage therapist may be able to help when it comes to treating neck problems that are resulting in pain.

Get Relief for Your Neck Pain from a Mesa, AZ Massage Therapist

Neck pain can change a person’s overall functioning. Although stress can contribute to neck pain, treatment from Lifecare Chiropractic may provide key assistance in helping patients to experience relief from pain they may be suffering from.

Treatment From a Mesa, AZ Massage Therapist

At our office, we are professionals who are dedicated to helping our patients heal. Our goal is to work closely with you to help put a stop to the pain and discomfort you have been suffering from. At your first appointment with us:

  • We will conduct an initial assessment to get a better idea of the entire picture.
  • We will spend time speaking with you regarding your pain levels.
  • We will gather as much information as possible regarding your physical functioning.

During this initial appointment, we may ask you to engage in certain movements or stretches to get a sense of your full range of motion. Once we are able to get a sense of your injuries, we can put together a massage treatment plan that helps to address your pain so that you may experience an improved range of motion and overall reduction in pain.

When suffering from neck pain, a number of aspects of functioning can be impacted. Having range of motion allows a person the ability to participate in everyday activities. When range of motion is limited due to pain, the simple act of turning the head can be difficult to manage. In some cases, neck pain may improve over the course of a few days. However, getting the help from a Mesa, AZ massage therapist at Lifecare Chiropractic can help treat neck conditions patients often suffer from.