Laser Club

Happy with your results?

Ready to make a promise to yourself?

With today’s challenging financial times, we realize that patients are caught between high levels of stress and the inability to always buy laser packages. And we ALL like a bargain.

This is why Lifecare Chiropratic is offering our new Laser Club. Do yourself a favor and sign up now. The details are below.

Lipo light laser lipo unit

Lipo laser club

Monthly Payment for one session per month : $29
Monthly Payment for two sessions per month : $49

The first payment will be taken on today’s date and is then payable on the same day of each month.

Payments will be charged on the same date of each subsequent month. Should payment date fall on a weekend or holiday, payment will be charged on the following business day. For the month of February, payments due on the 30th day of the month will be charged on the 28th day.

Scheduling of laser appointments are the sole responsibility of the client. The monthly payment will be charged whether or not appointment is booked and completed for that month.
Should the credit card on file for this contract be declined, the following steps will be taken:

a. Client will receive a phone call in an effort to remedy the situation.

b. The credit card will be run again two (2) business days after the phone call is placed and every subsequent (2) business days until payment is collected.

c. A five dollar ($5.00) fee will be assessed for every charge that is declined.


$29.00 (one time) + $29.00 / month


$49.00 (one time) + $49.00 / month