Knee Pain Chiropractor Mesa, AZ

Knee Pain Chiropractor Mesa, AZ Knee Pain Chiropractor Mesa, AZ

Aging gracefully would be a whole lot easier if it weren’t accompanied by various aches and pains, arthritis, memory lapses, and of course health issues. One of the biggest complaints among older people is knee pain. In order to determine just what is causing your knee pain, it is important to be evaluated by a specialist who can chart the most effective course of action for your particular situation. As a knee pain chiropractor Mesa, AZ residents trust, we at LifeCare Chiropractic help patients of all ages with knee pain and associated problems. 

In addition to aging, there are several other factors that contribute to knee health. Among these include:

  • Osteoarthritis. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that approximately fourteen percent of people in the United States over 24 years of age  suffer from this type of arthritis. It is very common and occurs when the cartilage protecting the bones in the knee breaks down, leaving you more likely to have knee pain. Once you pass 65 years of age, the percentage jumps to about 34 percent. According to experts, osteoarthritis is the cause of knee pain in most older Americans.
  • If you have put on more than a few pounds as you get older, you raise the risk of knee problems. Obesity is a big factor that raises your risk of developing osteoarthritis. Your knees suffer from carrying your extra weight.
  • As you age, you can lose about 40 percent of your muscle size, resulting in a loss of strength. Everyday activities that you never gave a second thought to doing, such as walking or climbing stairs may now become painful because of this muscle support.

Just because you are at the age where knee pain can occur, does not mean you cannot be proactive in helping to prevent or at least alleviate some of the condition.  As a knee pain chiropractor in Mesa, AZ might tell you, the following steps can help keep your knees and muscles healthier as you age.

  • Losing weight can greatly decrease the discomfort of osteoarthritis in your knees.  You should notice a difference by losing five percent of your weight. Reducing the amount of pressure can decrease the advancement of osteoarthritis up to fifty percent. When osteoarthritis occurs, the cartilage inside the knee joints degenerates. The pain and swelling is caused by bones rubbing against each other. The more weight on your knee, the more wear and tear on the cartilage. Studies have found that those who are considered obese are much more likely to get arthritis in their knees. A knee pain doctor in Mesa, AZ can evaluate your symptoms and create a plan of action that can reduce the pain and improve your mobility. 
  • Stop joint pain before it starts by exercising and getting and/or staying healthy. 

Contact a  knee pain chiropractor in Mesa, AZ order to receive a comprehensive examination to determine the cause of your knee pain and the best course of action for your particular issue. Knee pain can be caused by many other conditions in addition to osteoarthritis. Getting the proper diagnosis can help treat knee issues. Let a knee pain chiropractor in  Mesa, AZ, from LifeCare Chiropractic, help you manage your knee pain by meeting with one of our specialists. Getting old doesn’t always have to be painful. Set up an appointment to see how we can help.