Intakes of Antioxidants in Coffee, Wine, and Vegetables – (03-01-04)

Intakes of Antioxidants in Coffee, Wine, and Vegetables Are Correlated with Plasma Carotenoids

Coffee was found to have contribute the highest levels of dietary antioxidants in this study was coffee. Now, the author does not describe just how much coffee the study participants took in, but this still goes to show that some things just get a bad rap without having done anything bad (kindof like the minivan…). However, I might add that Starbucks’ iced white chocolate mocha is probably not loading with these same polyphenols as fresh brewed straight-up coffee. The same goes for tea brewed at home versus those teas found in bottles and drink dispensers at the local convenience store. — Abstracts: Svilaas et al. 134 (3): 562 –

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James Bogash

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