Hypothalamic involvement in chronic migraine – (01-10-02)

Hypothalamic involvement in chronic migraine

This is a very interesting article that relates hormonal dysregulation between the hypothalamus and adrenal glands as a causative factor in chronic migraines.

The article suggests that delayed melatonin release and hypercortisolemia may be factors causing the HA. It always bothers me when I have patients that come in with HA that have been put on pain meds or antidepressents. Headaches are a sign of unbalanced physiology, and these meds in no way address this. I remember one of my “longest enduring headaches” patient. She had HA for forty plus years. We addressed dysfunction in her neck, balanced insulin and cortisol levels, and fixed her constipation and she became HA free. She was happy her HAs were gone, I was happy we restored normal physiology and lowered her risk for any number of chronic diseases.

JNNP — Abstracts: Peres et al. 71 (6): 747.

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James Bogash

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