How safe is ultrasound on the fetus? – (04-22-04)

FDA warns against commercial prenatal ultrasound videos

By now, most of us have seen the 3-D pictures of developing fetuses. Kind of neat. But wait–the FDA puts out a warning about these, saying that “Ultrasound is a form of energy and can’t be considered harmless, even at low levels, it says.” Really? Then why the excessive use of ultrasounds as a standard approach in all pregnancies? Should we not warn against those as well?

Keep in mind that there has NEVER been any studies about the safety of ultrasound on the fetus. We have seen studies that suggest that ultrasound may give a tendency for the child to be born left handed–suggesting that the ultrasound is not as benign as we would like to think. And, considering that ultrasound rarely changes the outcome of a pregnancy, should we not be questioning the routine use of ultrasound in pregnancies? Tanne 328 (7444): 853 –

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James Bogash

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