Total Health Overhaul Program

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Therapeutic Lifestyle Program for Better Health

Are you tired and don’t have the stamina you used to? Do you seem to be sick all the time?

Did your doctor put you on medications? But they just aren’t working anymore. Now your doctor suggests newer, stronger drugs.

You may be worried that life is not going to get any better from here. Unfortunately, you’ve tried diets before and they haven’t worked.  You’ve searched the Internet but all you get is conflicting information.

Even worse, your doctor doesn’t have any advice beyond daily walks, and eating more fruits and vegetables.

Are you ready to turn your life around?  But you need the right answers. You need them NOW…

Chronic diseases have become increasingly common. They are the single biggest drain on your healthcare spending. Sickness maybe even draining your own personal finances.  Worse, the loss to your quality of life is to much to bare. The following diseases could rob your health, vitality and happiness:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Osteoporosis

There are “weight loss” clinics, gyms and diet plans galore but NONE address the comprehensive nature of a true lifestyle change program.

Dr. Bogash has a strong background in functional medicine, using lifestyle changes, vitamins and diet to improve health, lower risk of chronic diseases and manage chronic diseases.

After much evaluation, Dr. Bogash has created the TOTAL HEALTH OVERHAUL WEEKEND INTENSIVE.  This is a 2-day weekend (Sat and Sun) program designed to address all aspects of your lifestyle and your relationship to food.  Monday morning will start the rest of your life with better choices.

The class will cover:

*Positive lifestyle changes to impact obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease or if you are concerned about these chronic conditions as well as lowering your risk of certain types of cancer

*An overview of the physiology of the human body, with a greater understanding of how much our lifestyle impacts our current and long term health

*Targeted changes in diet with meal suggestions, shopping tips, specific foods

*The implementation and/or refinement of an exercise program that can be done in just a few minutes every day

*Computerized body composition analysis to start your progress and reinforce your decisions to lead a healthier life

*Field trip to a health food store where you will learn to read labels and choose healthier options for your own kitchen

*Healthy snacks and meals will be offered to expand your horizons and experience new foods that are both delicious and healthy

*Interactive exercises and activities designed to change your behaviors for good

While it is not likely that this program will be covered by your insurance, we have disounted the cost of the TOTAL HEALTH OVERHAUL WEEKEND INTENSIVE to only $500. The great news is the program will qualify under most employee Health Reimbursement Accounts.

We have an option for those who are not ready for the TOTAL HEALTH OVERHAUL WEEKEND INTENSIVE.

We created the TOTAL HEALTH OVERHAUL Crash Course. This is a 1 night – 2 hour version of powerful information that can help get you on the right path.  This course is held on the last Tuesday of every month in our office from 6-8 pm. The cost of this class dropped to only $50.  Seating is limited. Reserve your spot and call for details.

Review the link below for the guidance you need now:

Total Health Overhaul Class Forms


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