Resperate Reviews and Cuts Down Stress in 15 Minutes

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Stress plays a massive role in the onslaught of chronic diseases that we see in today’s society. There is not a single chronic disease that is not made worse by stress. A new tool can help you manage your stress; the Resperate reviews your blood pressure and bring your life back into control.

While the device, created by Intercure, is FDA approved to lower blood pressure, this is merely the tip of the iceberg of the benefits of this device. When you boil it down, this device is actually a biofeedback device that can be used to facilitate meditation.

I recommend mind calming techniques often in my practice, and we loan out the Resperate for patients’ at home use. While meditation is a powerful tool, not everyone has the time and patience to go through a $1500 Trancendental Meditation program.

Enter the Resperate.

This simple device uses tones to tell you to breath in and out. Sounds simple, but users quickly realize that, to keep in timing with the tones that they need to focus entirely on breathing.

Viola! You’re meditating!

15 minutes later your brain is calmer than it has been in probably years.

I have had patients who report the best sleep in years immediately after using the Resperate. I’ve had a patient in the midst of an anxiety attack come out of a darkened room 15 minutes later a new person.

According to Intercure, some additional benefits are:

1) Reduced blood pressure by up to 35 points

2) Non-drug approach

3) No known side effects

The bottom line is that the Resperate is a powerful tool to help manage every chronic disease you may be trying to avoid or trying to manage. When I was doing my Resperate review research, I found out the cost of the unit is covered by most FSA and HSA plans.

Have you ever used the Resperate before? Would you like some more tricks that I’ve learned over the years? Leave a comment below.