Fiber Is Beneficial in the Treatment of Childhood Constipation – (03-01-04)

Fiber (Glucomannan) Is Beneficial in the Treatment of Childhood Constipation

First, let me state that the idea that fiber can help with constipation could probably been affirmed by talking to anyone on the street. With that being said, what does concern me is the high incidence of constipation that we see in our young kids.

I don’t know of any studies that give an exact incidence, but I do know that I have many patients that ask me for help with their children’s constipation. There is something, or some combination of things, that we’re doing to our kids that is setting up this scenario. I would suggest vaccinations, poor dietary habits and heavy antibiotic use are significant contributors.

Pediatrics — Abstracts: Loening-Baucke et al. 113 (3): e259 –

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James Bogash

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