Atopic wheezing and early life antibiotic exposure: a nested case control study

With all the research pointing to just how darn important a good, balanced, healthy bacterial flora in our GI tract is, you would hope at SOME point pediatricians would back off on antibiotic usage for everything that comes through their office.

But hey–give the 3 month old antibiotics for the ear infections caused by cow’s milk formula, and you’re practically guaranteed that you’ll get some extra visits with the child gets older and develops allergies and asthma. Talk about practice building techniques!!!

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James Bogash

For more than a decade, Dr. Bogash has stayed current with the medical literature as it relates to physiology, disease prevention and disease management. He uses his knowledge to educate patients, the community and cyberspace on the best way to avoid and / or manage chronic diseases using lifestyle and targeted supplementation.