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The headlines tell you to eat more fish so you eat more fish.

THEN, they tell you that there are pesticides in fish so you shouldn’t eat fish.  You’re confused.

Your primary care physician tells you that your cholesterol is high and you need to take a statin like Lipitor or Crestor.  But an article on the Internet tells you that your ears will fall off if you take a statin.  You like your ears, so again, you’re confused.

You know that exercise is good for you and lowers your risk of heart attacks, stroke and diabetes.  But really–who’s got 45 minutes to run on a treadmill 3 days per week.  But another article on the Internet states that 18 minutes per week may be better for you then 45 minutes 3 days per week.  (You’re not confused on this one–18 minutes is less than 135, so the Internet must be right on this one)

I have dedicated my life to clarifying what it takes to truly be healthy and how to best manage diseases through diet, exercise, supplementation, stress management and cleaning up your personal toxic environment.  2,000+ blog posts should qualify me as some type of expert.  (Read more About the Author page)

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Start clarifying your health today!  (BTW–you should always have been eating wild caught fish only–the studies finding higher levels of pesticides were done on farm raised fish)


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