Indomethacin inactivates gastric peroxidase to induce reactive-oxygen-mediated gastric mucosal injury and curcumin protects it by preventing peroxidase inactivation and scavenging reactive oxygen

I guess this is “long title” week.. It is well known that the NSAID class of drugs is responsible for as many as 21,000 deaths per year. Most of these occur due to fatal GI bleeds. Misoprostol is a drug given along with certain NSAIDs to try to lower the damage done to the lining of the GI tract. Which, of course, has its own set of side effects.

This study finds a powerful ability of curcumin, one of the spices found in turmeric (used in mustard), to protect the GI tract from damage caused by indomethicin.

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James Bogash

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