Musculoskeletal Aches and Pains

Can Chiropractic Help My Aches And Pains?

[rotatingtext group=”1″]Although many people consider chiropractic physicians only for low back pain, they can treat virtually any condition caused my muscles, bones, joints, tendons or ligaments. Chiropractic physicians have the education and training needed to differentiate a problem caused by the musculoskeletal system versus those caused by visceral tissue, such as an ulcer, kidney problems or even tumors. If it is determined that your problem can not be addressed by a chiropractic physician, he or she will refer you out to the proper specialist who will be able to help you.

Most People Don’t Know…

In most states, chiropractors are fully licensed to diagnose a patient and for that reason are considered as physicians, a term only allowed to D.C.s, M.D.s and D.O.s. This means that they have the training, knowledge and ability to order lab or advanced tests (MRI, CT), to diagnose a patient with an ulcer, with liver disease, diabetes, an ankle sprain, a ruptured disc or even with cancer. Depending upon the state, the chiropractor can then choose to treat the disease or refer the patient out to a specialist.

Chiropractic as the First Choice

All this information makes chiropractic physicians the first and best choice to see when you feel something is wrong with your body. They will perform a thorough health history and exam, order any tests necessary and then decide whether they can treat your condition or need to send you to a specialist. If the chiropractor decides to treat, they will use a combination of many possible types of therapies; ultrasound, interferential current, stretching, myofascial release, acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments. All these therapies are designed to not only get you out of pain fast, but also to help restore proper mechanics to your body so that this episode will hopefully be your last.