Chickenpox Outbreak in a Highly Vaccinated School Population

A couple comments here. First, why do we need a “highly vaccinated” group of children for chicken pox?? I would bet everyone reading this letter had the chicken pox and has developed a lifelong immunity. Yes, I realize that some children do die from chicken pox. These numbers are very small compared to the incidence in the general population and usually these children are immunocomprimised in some way. Yet there is no financial incentive for a vaccine manufacturer to develop a vaccine for only a small group of immunocomprimised children so they push it on everyone. Another bothersome finding in this study was that children who had been vaccinated >5 years ago had a much higher likelihood of getting the chicken pox. The authors conveniently suggested that a booster vaccination may be necessary. I’m sure the vaccine manufacturer agrees…

Pediatrics — Abstracts: Tugwell et al. 113 (3): 455 –

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James Bogash

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