Lactobacillus GG Bacteria Ameliorate Arthritis in Lewis Rats

Okay, so this is a rat study, but if there is anyone out there who still does not believe that the bacteria in the gut has the ability to modulate the inflammation in the body then they are as out of touch with the research as most clinicians. The bacterial flora (which is considered an organ system by some researchers) has a significant impact on our health through the modulation of the immune system, production of certain vitamins (B12, K), detoxification of xenobiotics, metabolic conversion of dietary compounds and territorial protective effects against pathogenic bacteria, viruses, parasites… We need to be viewing antibiotic use as a severely long term detrimental effect to overcome a short term problem (in most cases…).

Lactobacillus GG Bacteria Ameliorate Arthritis in Lewis Rats — Baharav et al. 134 (8): 1964 — Journal of Nutrition –

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James Bogash

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