Arthritis Treatment Mesa, AZ

Arthritis Treatment Mesa, AZ

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Why do your joints pop when you get adjustments for arthritis treatment in Mesa, Arizona? Some people love the sound, while others find it a bit worrying. Regardless, the cracking or popping sound you hear when you receive an arthritis treatment is nothing to be concerned about.

Joint Cavitation Is the Technical Term

The sound you hear during an arthritis treatment at our Mesa, AZ clinic is called joint cavitation. That’s just a technical way of saying a bubble is created in the joint fluid as it’s moved, and then it rapidly collapses.

This is associated with the joints involved in the adjustment moving, of course, but the loudness or quality of the sound doesn’t matter. It’s affected by a number of factors, none of which have much to do with the effectiveness of the arthritis treatment.

The adjustment itself is the manipulation of the joints to increase range of motion, circulation, and other factors. The joint space tends to open up as a result of the manipulation, which promotes all of these things, along with lessening muscle tension, which is often the source of spinal and joint pain. Opening up that joint space is what can cause the cavitation. It can also promote healing and restore function to the spine or the joints in question.

The Popping Is Not Like the Sounds During Joint Injury

One potential reason for concern is that people may associate the gentle cracking or popping sound with sounds they’ve heard when a joint was injured. This may be a sound they’ve heard on the football field, or in a movie. By the way, keep in mind that movie sound effects are not always realistic. The loud crack heard when a ligament or tendon is injured is not at all like the light popping sound heard during an arthritis treatment. Mesa, AZ chiropractors are trained to use very little force during an adjustment and to keep the joint within a safe range of motion.

Previously Injured Joints May Pop or Squeak

Arthritic, previously injured, or artificial joints also sometimes make popping or squeaking noises. These noises can be due to scar tissue, wear, or other factors. Again, these sounds are different and are being caused by different mechanisms. A chiropractor can help with joints like these by providing manipulations and suggestions for exercises to strengthen the muscles around the joint. Be sure to tell your chiropractor about any previous injuries or if you have artificial joints.

That popping sound is heavily associated with arthritis treatment Mesa, AZ patients recommend, but it’s not something to worry about nor does it mean the care wasn’t effective if you don’t hear it. The important thing is to keep your spine and joints healthy with routine chiropractic care. To learn more, call Lifecare Chiropractic to schedule an appointment with a back pain doctor Mesa AZ our clinic offers.