Arizona Laser Lipo Research


  • Did you know that, after surgical liposuction, more dangerous fat actuals shows up around your organs???  Click here to read more



  • Adipokines are chemical messengers that are released by abdominal fat.  These adipokines begin to wreak havoc on health, increasing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer.  This article is a little technical, but it strongly supports the reason we chose the laser lipo unit.  Click here to read more


  • Here is the research study that started it all.  Researchers took the fat removed during a liposuction procedure and exposed the removed fat with the same type of laser light that is in our laser lipo unit.  The pores on the fat cells opened up, releasing the fat stored within.  A single study never proves anything, but it was a great place to start.  Click here to read more


  • Considering using the Zerona laser lipo unit?  This unit is not approved to be used in contact with the skin and cannot penetrate as deeply.  In a small study done using the Zerona laser lipo unit, there was no difference in the subjects using the Zerona after 6 sessions in 2 weeks.  As I have already mentioned, a single study does not prove anything, but if you are spending hundreds of dollars, is this where you want to start?  Click here to read more


  • Do the results last?  In this study, 67 patients demonstrated an average of 3.5 inches lost in 6 sessions done over 2 weeks time.  Two weeks after the study was completed, there was a very small increase in inches of .31 inches (in other words, the benefits of the laser lipo treatment were not lost).  Click here to read more


  • Does laser lipo have effects in areas of the body that are not treated?  This study followed 689 patients, again treated for 6 sessions over 2 weeks.  The treated areas showed an overall loss of 3.27 inches across the waist, hips and thighs.  Here’s the interesting part–there was a reduction of size at areas that were NOT TREATED as well (arms, knees, neck and chest), totaling 5.17 inches.  This strongly supports our belief that laser lipo calms inflammation in the body, resulting in benefits throughout the body.  Click here to read more


  • This very recent study found a loss of 3 inches in 86 participants treated with laser liposuction in 6 sessions over 2 weeks.  They were measured at the hips, waist and thighs.  Click here to read more