The diet-induced proinflammatory state – (06-10-02)


The diet-induced proinflammatory state

The full text of this article is probably one of the most comprehensive and well referenced that I have ever read on this topic. The idea that the diet can be pro or anti-inflammatory is lost on most clinicians, and yet the research strongly suggests this. Any patient with any chronic disease related to inflammation needs to evaluate their diet (considering that almost all chronic diseases have an inflammatory component, that means just about everybody…). I still remember a patient I had a year or so back with scleroderma. This patient came in with an oxygen tank due to the pulmonary fibrosis, used a walker and was always in intense pain. When I suggested that diet may have an impact on her condition, I may as well have suggested she jump off a cliff. None of her specialists had ever mentioned that diet could have an impact on her condition. Heck…what do I know?? I’m just one of those crazy chiropractors…

Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics Online

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