Taurine Prevents the Decrease of SOD Induced by Homocysteine – (09-06-01)

Taurine Prevents the Decrease of SOD Induced by Homocysteine

This article suggests several other tools to be used in patients with elevated homocysteine. Of course, folic acid, B12 and B6 are primary agents, but this article can also add taurine to the list. It appears that homocysteine lowers the amounts of superoxide dismutase (an enzyme that strongly protects against free radical damage) in vascular cells, and that taurine blocks this event. High doses of Vit C, zinc and glutathione are also known to increase SOD levels. Taurine has long been known to have beneficial effects on both the heart and nervous system.

Circulation — Abstracts: Nonaka et al. 104 (10): 1165

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