Stimulation of Cdx2 homeobox gene by butyrate in colon cancer – (03-14-02)

Stimulation of Cdx2 homeobox gene by butyrate in colon cancer

While the title may be a little technical, this is additional support on the benefits of a combination of soluble fiber and probiotics on intestinal health and cancer prevention. Remember that friendly bacteria in the gut digest the soluble fiber to produce short chain fatty acids, one of which is butyrate. Personally, I think the media did a tremendous disservice by sensationalizing the results of one trial that did not show a benefit of fiber in colon cancer. Of course, the media did not mention that the study did not examine intestinal flora nor did they differentiate insoluble fiber from soluble.

Gut — Abstracts: Domon-Dell et al. 50 (4): 525

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