Phytoestrogen Intake Is Associated with Higher Bone Mineral Density – (11-19-01)


Phytoestrogen Intake Is Associated with Higher Bone Mineral Density

The finding that phytoestrogens have a positive effect on bone mass is becoming very well accepted. This study does find that intake effects postmenopausal but not premenopausal women. This finding may not be all that surprising. Recall that the perimenopausal period is one of major shifts in circulating estrogen. Contrary to popular belief, the symptoms of perimenopause are not from low estrogen, but rather from rapid changes in estrogen. By blunting the highs with progesterone (helps to down-regulate estrogen receptors) and filling in the lows with phytoestrogens the symptoms of perimenopause can be alleviated in most cases. This protocol can also help reduce the bone loss associated with the perimenopausal period.

JCEM — Abstracts: Mei et al. 86 (11): 5217

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